View your blocked drain with a Drainoscopy

Today our post is simple.

A new client from Bronte called because since Christmas they’d had 3 blocked drains which caused the downstairs toilet to overflow throughout their basement. YUK!

The plumber they had been using didn’t have a drain camera and it was suggested that the pipes were broken.

We were able to clear the blockage quickly, then did a Drainoscopy. That’s Lone Drainer speak for “put a specialised drain camera in the pipes to see what is really going on”.

The pipe was full of tree roots. That’s all! We cut out the roots and had another look. A simple Vaporooter treatment will keep the roots away. With a Guarantee!

Yes, the pipes are old clay pipes. You can see where the roots have been cut out. But, they work and will for some time to come.

The best way to find out what is causing a blockage is to see it for yourself.

2 responses to “View your blocked drain with a Drainoscopy”

  1. Amazing piece of equipment, definitely a must have with modern day plumbers. Before drain cameras they would just take apart the whole drainage system and see were the problem is. This camera can locate it and make it a easier less messy repair.

    Joe Frankston Emergency Plumber Joondalup WA

  2. admin says:

    I agree Joe. It’s a great piece of equipment.
    Imagine a medico checking our personal pipes without a camera.
    No thanks!


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