What is Water Hammer and How to Stop It!

Water hammer, also known as hydraulic shock, is a banging or knocking sound that can occur in pipes when a valve, a tap or faucet is quickly closed. The banging noise and vibrations from water hammer can be felt throughout a house and, in multi-storey buildings, because the water pipes pass through and serve every level, banging can be heard on building levels far from the source of the water hammer. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including high water pressure, improper pipe installation, or worn out valves. Some causes include, the fitting of a new dishwasher or clothes washing machine, or fast closing mixer style taps that shut down or stop the water flow quickly.

Stopping water hammer can be challenging, as it often requires identifying the root cause of the issue and then implementing a solution. Some common solutions include installing water hammer arrestors, which are devices that absorb the shock of rapidly moving water, replacing worn out valves, or adjusting the water pressure.

In some cases, the solution may be as simple as tightening loose pipe connections or securing loose pipes.

However, it is always recommended to consult a plumber if you experience water hammer, as they can diagnose the issue and recommend an appropriate solution.

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