Plumbing Emergency – Now, that is Pronto!

The fastest dispatch and delivery of service for a plumbing emergency was…yesterday morning!

The previous plumbing emergency that we attended to had a setback because another sustained downpour had flooded the local streets making visibility very poor as well as comfort levels.

We had stopped for some morning tea, a hot coffee and some sustenance along a well known fast food strip and as we were finishing our break the mobile phone rang….

A local Medical Centre called, asking for fast plumbing service to repair their one and only badly leaking toilet. There was water all over the floor and the waiting room was full of patients. The very polite receptionist was screaming for HELP!

Little did she know we were parked 30 metres from her front door and were ready to take action.

3 minutes after the phone call for emergency plumbing was received, our heroes walked through the front door of the Medical Centre, ready for action.

25 minutes later, the leaking toilet was fixed. The faulty water inlet valve was replaced. The leaking waste pipe was sealed.

The receptionist was overwhelmed.  “Lone Drainer, you really fixed our plumbing Pronto” she said.

When the Lone Drainer says Pronto, He means it!

That’s great service from an eastern suburbs emergency plumber!

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