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3 Tips for Healthy Hot Water.

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Who had a cold shower this morning?
Winter makes the need for hot water a high priority.
If you think your heater is under performing do this quick water heater health check.
1. Check the colour of your water.     If its brown, your water heater has a buildup of sediment or rust
2. Check your Temperature and pressure relief valve (like the one shown below), pull the lever. It should spurt out water till you let go of the lever and if it dribbles afterwards, it needs attention.
3. Does the stop valve work? Try turning it off, test the water at your hot taps and turn it back on. Ideally it should Stop the water flow through the heater.
Hot water T & PR valve
Whether your water heater is gas or electric, storage or continuous check it regularly.

If your hot water runs out get your friendly plumber to check it over

Washing machines & dishwasher maintenance

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

With 3 growing boys living at home, they eat like there is no tomorrow and playing rugby, cricket and doing patrols at Coogee Surf Club, we have plenty of washing and dishes to wash up every day.
So much so, that both appliances broke down at the same time.
Yes it happens to plumbers as well!

So we had our brightest plumbing apprentice just instal a new diswasher and washing machine and it made me aware of the importance of these water appliances and how we should maintain them.

1. Their hoses are rubber, with hot water they perish and may rupture so check them regularly
2. Many people turn these control valves or taps off at the end of every wash. In our house that would be impossible
3. Turn taps off when going on holidays. Don’t forget to turn them back on

Just recently, our emergency plumbers rescued a young mother who had been to Adelaide for three weeks. The hose feeding her washing machine ruptured causing many dollars worth of damage. Her washing machine shorted out electrically (needs a new machine), the laundry /bathroom was covered in mould from the steam (needs repainting), assorted bits and pieces damaged, carpets in the hallway waterlogged, and the parquet flooring at the end of the hallway had buckled and will need major repairs, then re-sanding and staining. Not to mention the aggravation of removing all furniture and of course the young children from the home for several days whilst these procedures are carried out. The fumes from the floor staining will be intoxicating

Plumbers and puppy dogs

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Can Your Dog and the Tradies Play Nice?

Renovations and refurbishing is a hectic and stressful time for anyone involved, but what about the family pooch. Are you having concerns with your dog getting under feet, barking at the strange men in his house or stealing tools?

This is a common problem. Just like us, your dog can get very stressed about having work done in his home. Any behaviour associated with this stress can be a safety risk for not only your dog but also the tradies. As far as your dog is concerned, the tradies are strangers who have come into their home and have started changing things! In addition to this stress there is also the risk of your dog escaping from the yard, the loud noises of building can also cause significant fear and stress, not to mention the potential for injury, or being exposed to toxins. Unlike the tradesman, there are no protective masks or clothing for your dog.

The best and safest way to deal with this tense situation is to relocate your Dog while any work is being done. If it’s a day to day thing then a Doggy Daycare may be just what you need! You can drop off your pooch in the morning before work and easily collect him or her at the end of day, your dog will be exhausted and happy after a day of walks, play and socialisation.

The best way to get your pooch into daycare is to make contact, check their specific requirements and availability. It is the norm for your daycare to ask for a copy of your dog’s current vaccination certificate, your contact details and the details of your vet. Your dog should be desexed (assuming they are old enough) and they should be friendly and socialise well with other dogs, a responsibly daycare will also provide stringent supervision on those first few days to make sure everyone is getting along. Then you can rest easy that your dog is playing and having a great time at daycare instead of stressing out and getting underfoot of your tradesmen!

This Information was supplied by the Friendly Team at Paddington Pups, Doggy Day Care Centre, Dog Grooming and Dog Supplies Brisbane.

Draining the Coffee makers lane

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Our Venetian correspondent is at it again.                                                                                                                                                                                   As you have seen in previous posts Holy S – - T ! A Gondoliers impression and The latest sewer notes and history of Venice
Gio the Venetian Gondolier knows how much our readers love to see how waste water and sewer is moved around Venice.
Hey mate!
I’m so proud to be on the site that I decided to send you more stuff about Venice,
Here is first of all a picture of my lane ” calle del Caffettier” ( the coffee maker lane) while a draining is on the go.

As you see on the first pic our local plumber has the drain hose on the left side of the lane with all the pipe going over the bridge.

Venice pumping waste

Venice pumping waste

Then you see how the pipe goes to the canal where the drain boat is waiting with the plumbers mate.

Venetian drain boat collecting waste

Venetian drain boat collecting waste

Then a picture of our proud fire patrol just after the draining of a boat that sunk because the owner did not drain the rain out…. shame!

Venice fire team to the rescue

Venice fire team to the rescue

That is all my friend.

See the statue of our Lady on the top of the wall near my house? Isn’t it a corner of paradise?

A special piece of Venice

A special piece of Venice

Yes it is Gio. Thanks for sharing it with us!

The latest sewer notes and history of Venice

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010
Mozarts neighbours get the drains cleared

Mozarts neighbours get the drains cleared

More S – - T from Venice.
The best part about this blog is sharing with so many people and getting your insights into my topic S – - T.
Our knowledge of the sewers of the world grows.
Basically, we all use our toilets regularly and if you are not, then seek medical advice. Now I’m not going to get into anything unsavoury in this post, but I have a few toilet jokes and stories lined up for you in the future.
So stay regular!
Our regular readers would have read about the world famous Venetian Gondolier my friend Giovanni Giudice in earlier blog posts like Holy S – - T.  A Gondoliers impression.

Here in Australia, as we drift into the cooler months it’s spring in Venice and Gio has been keeping me up to date with some interesting facts about the sewer movements and the history of his home town.
Here is an excerpt from a recent communiqué:

Mozart slept here!

Mozart slept here!

Yesterday I took these pics of drain boats in the first one you can see how they get the pipes to the house. This house is just in front of the house where Mozart, Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, stayed when he came to Venice in the Carnival of 1771. This is written on the marble white stuff you see. Probably there is still some Mozart S – -T!!

This pic is of another Drain boat in front of San Marco Square. As you see from the last picture I have taken all these pics from my gondola. You can see I’m under the bridge and you see the back (stern) of my lady, my gondola.
take care my friend

Drain boat at St Marco square

Drain boat at St Marco square

If you are travelling to Venice and need a guide, look for Giovanni, he is the best!

No hot water during the long hot summer?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Welcome to 2010.

Over the Christmas and New Year period we have been called to rescue people with all sorts of plumbing emergencies!  

Burst water pipes, blocked sewer drains, leaking taps and toilets are commonplace, but, here at the height of summer calls for help for running hot water is at an all time high!


I can’t turn my water meter off!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

If you have a plumbing emergency, you have running water in your house, a split tap washer or burst water heater and  your water meter won’t turn off.

You may be in trouble!

If your meter tap has a tee-head on it, turn it off in a clockwise direction as firmly as you can. Firmly, don’t overdo it.

If your meter tap is missing the tee-head, get a large pair of grips and turn it off in a clockwise direction as firmly as you can. Firmly, don’t overdo it.

Open a garden tap to let out the pressure.

Then call an emergency plumber! 

Check out this video below showing what we do to upgrade your water meter control valve.

Great fun on a hot day!

Where and how to turn off your cold water supply is incredibly simple if you know where it is, before any plumbing emergency arises

I want you to have our plumbing Hints and Tips, they are free.

Simply fill in the box on our home page to get our Plumbing Hints and Tips.

I know they will help save you in a plumbing emergency!

HELP! I’ve got a burst pipe in my bathroom!

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

This post is relevant to a Randwick plumbing emergency that happened yesterday.

We had an SOS from a long term client “Joan”

You could hear the panic in her voice, “Come quickly, we have a burst water pipe under our vanity basin and we can’t turn the water off” screamed Joan.

Is your floor waste drain clear? we asked. Yes Joan replied!

We told her how to minimise the water damage, shut the cupboard  doors and direct the gushing water towards the floor drain and put a towel across the doorway to keep the water flow in the bathroom.

We were at the house within 15 minutes, and with a large pair of grips, we were able to slow down, but not stop the water flow

Now, a picture paints a thousand words and this short video will actually take you there.

Please watch and learn.

Where and how to turn off your hot water and cold water supply is incredibly simple if you know where they are, before any plumbing emergency arises

I want you to have our plumbing Hints and Tips, they are free.

Simply fill in the box on our home page to get our Plumbing Hints and Tips.

I know they will save you thousands of dollars!

Holy S_ _t! A Gondoliers impressions

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Todays post comes courtesy of  the World Famous Venetian Gondolier my mate Giovanni Giudice

I met Gio in the summer of 07 -08, he was visiting Australia, learning to surf and escape the Venetian winter because “business is slow”. Gio was staying in Coogee at the home of a client who funnily enough had a blocked drain. We hit it off straight away, me telling him places to visit along our beautiful coast and Gio in return, telling stories of the romantic city of Venice Italy.

Invariably the conversation got back to blocked sewers and blocked drains and how different it would be to deal with a blocked drain in Venice, compared to being a Sydney plumber. Upon his return to Venice, Gio answered my question with a series of photos he took on the way to his gondola one morning.

Below are the photos he sent of a septic boat, pumping the waste from the Palace of the Bishop of Venice.





If any of our readers are lucky enough to be travelling to Venice, ask for Gio’s contact for the best gondola tour of that beautiful city.

Green Loans

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Green Loans have been set up by the Australian Government in order to provide subsidised loans to make houses more environmentally friendly. This is a great way to provide financial assistance to households (more…)