Tree Roots Growing In Sewer Pipes

Are the Roots of my Neighbours Trees, or the Trees Growing Out the Front of My Property, Growing in my Sewer Pipes?

One of the major plumbing concerns is trees that send roots into sewer lines, especially in homes that were built over twenty years ago. Trees are equipped with water finding capabilities that send tiny roots in every direction in a quest for water. The trenches where there are sewer lines do not usually have hard packed soil therefore, roots gravitate to this loose soil. When these roots invade from trees growing out the front of your property or from across the street and get into the sewer system, it is time to call in the professionals who do plumbing that know how to deal with a blocked drain.

The answer to the question, “Do the trees growing out the front of my property or across the street have roots growing in my sewer pipes?” is yes. If there is even one tiny crack in the pipe where water and sewage can seep out, there are bound to be roots in the sewer.

Tree roots get into sewer pipes through tiny breaks in the pieces of pipe. Clay or cement pipes often have a type of cement called mortar that cracks easily in all kinds of weather and conditions. If small feeder roots find these cracks, the roots enter the pipe. When the little roots find their way into the sewer, the roots grow larger and larger. A Plumbing Sydney company has removed gigantic roots over 6 metres in length and nearly 50mm around.

Commercial tree root killing products that are safe to put in the sewer are a great way of controlling these tree roots, but should only be applied by a reputable applicator.

This problem can be solved.

The best chance of success is to find a company that is capable of sending a camera into the sewer line. Yes, these days professional plumbers actually use CCTV cameras. By looking at a monitor, the operators can precisely pinpoint  the location where the roots are entering the pipe. The electronic sensing equipment allows the professional to tell the depth of the sewer pipe below the surface of the ground at this location.

Your plumbing professionals can then carry out any excavation required to get into your sewer pipes, modifying the pipes for future access to apply chemical tree root control.

Tree roots do not like soil that has been treated with chemical tree root control and they will avoid it completely. This is the way to rid your sewer pipes from roots that will cause a blocked drain. If the local council is responsible for the trees planted in front of your property or across the street and you suspect that there are roots in the sewer pipe, call them and have them come and check out the trees. They will decide the best course of action to take.

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