Japanese tech gadget prevents elderly toilet accidents

Sydney April 6th 2020
Approaching a milestone birthday, its fair to say that my personal plumbing is in reasonable working condition.
I have a skin check annually and a biennial colonoscopy and prostate check.
And, I encourage my peers to do the same.

But, when my middle son recently took a trip to Japan it inspired me to research the technology that’s available with Japanese plumbing.
And apart from the wonderful bidet type toilets that do everything, I found this little gadget.
It simply measures what is going on with your personal plumbing.
When you’re out and about and your bowels want to empty, it sends you a text message warning that you’d better get to a toilet in the next ten minutes.
Now, I hope my three boys don’t have to help their dad with his toileting, but the benefits of the Japanese Poo app for the aged and disabled seem like a helpful advancement.
I encourage you to follow the link to see it.