Monthly Archives: March 2019

More rain please

The rain has kept emergency plumbers on their toes If you need help with a flooding emergency, Please ask us Meanwhile, blow the rain to the west. Our country cousins need it!

Check your storm drains

The well needed rain that arrived in Sydney over the last few days has created many blocked storm water drains and grates that can easily be fixed. Take the opportunity in between showers to check any pits or drains around your home that may be blocked by leaf debris or dirt. Put on your gardening or washing up gloves and...

The Lone Drainer’s Recipe #3

The Lone Drainer’s Mushroom Sauce for Pasta (which doubles as a fabulous addition as a sauce for steak the next night, and takes care of two of the five vegetables per day you are meant to eat.) This recipe is an example of The Hardworking Plumber’s Secret Timesaving Tip: Cook It Once, Use It Twice, (tastes sensational both times!) This...