Monthly Archives: February 2016

Toilet Hygiene #1

Q. What's the 3rd most un-hygienic place in the bathroom? A. The toilet flush button. Who'd have thought? Now, wash your hands!

A plumbers view – Super Bowl 2016

Sunday, February 7th was Super Bowl 50 Sunday in San Francisco. By now you may know The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10 at Levi's Stadium. What's that got to do with plumbing, I hear you ask. Well plenty, according to the Scott Tissue company; the toilet is flushed more during halftime than at any other point during the...

Wipes can be expensive

As you know, up to 85% of blocked drains are caused by tree roots and can be easily managed. But, there is a growing number of blockages that are caused by "hygienic wipes". Hygienic wipes block up house drains and sewer mains that cost homeowners and Sydney Water a fortune to maintain. So be careful what you flush! Simply, hygienic...