DRAIN CLEANING - stormwater and sewer pipes

We Clear Drain Blockages Caused By Tree Roots, Grease And Other Obstructions Using The Latest Technology Including The 'Rattlesnake', A High Pressure Water Drain Cleaning System, The 'Electric Eel' and 'Snake Eyes'!

For those nasty inside drain clogs, we use smaller hand-held drill-like machines to do the job. Have no worries! In the hands of qualified experts, your pipes and fittings are hundred percent safe.


Going 'down under' with 'Snake Eyes' means using a device that sends out an electronic signal that can then be detected by our specialised locating responder to pinpoint exactly where the faulty section of pipe lie, enabling us to excavate only this trouble spot avoiding costly and unnecessary destructive excavation of your garden, driveway, or the floor of your home.

With this laser-like focus on the problem, we can significantly reduce the costs of repairs, minimise excavation and get the job done quickly.


Our high technology drain cleaning equipment ensures that your pipes are cleared thoroughly. Using a sophisticated CCTV camera, we affectionately call 'Snake Eyes', we find out what is happening in your pipes. The camera does not lie! It shows the condition of the pipes, the tree root penetration, the collapsed or broken sections of pipes and obstructions that have been flushed down the toilet or otherwise found their way into your pipes including; toys, toilet air fresheners and sanitary products. Believe it or not, all these things cause blockages!

Want to see how the 'Snake Eyes' works?

An Ounce Of Sweat Is Worth A Gallon Of Blood.

Does your home, business or shop have any of these plumbing problems?

  • Are dripping taps or faucets staining your kitchen or laundry sink and driving you mad with the constant torturous ''drip, drip, drip?...''
  • Is your washing machine or dishwasher leaking?
  • Are you garden hose cocks, sprinklers operating as they should?
  • How is your water pressure? Any fluctuation is a cause for concern - Do not wait for the pipes to burst - that is ALWAYS the most expensive option!
  • How are your water savers, filters and meters?
  • What gas services and pipes do you have? When were they last inspected?

Worried? Do not be tensed! We will inspect: meters, pressure relief valves, gas heating pipes, systems and valves, BBQs, cook tops, irrigation/watering systems and pool systems.

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