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Emergency blocked drains and the full moon.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Blocked drains in Sydney happen everyday and all the plumbers on our team love getting out there to help people clear their blocked drain, clean up any mess from an overflowing sewer and get on with their lives.

We track the most common cause of blocked drains and apart from the very unusual, like a small puppy as seen on a previous post   there are only a few reasons why drains get blocked.

Hair, make sure to remove it from hand basins, shower grates and drains 

Sand and soil usually gets washed into the sewer from low lying surcharge gullies and stormwater running down footpaths and driveways.

Foreign objects like dental floss, toilet deodorisers , kids toys or even underwear will block up sewer pipes very quickly.

The most common cause of blocked drains in Australia is tree roots, they grow into the pipes for many different reasons, but todays theory has been raised by a colleague who believes the full moon causes trees to do “something different” every month, search for more water or just “flex their muscles”, thus causing more sewer blockages.

It is a very interesting theory and we have been tracking it for about 18 months.

Every month, two or three days either side of the full moon we have a 10-15% spike in requests for help on blocked drains caused by tree roots. This month the full moon fell on July 26th 2010, and it was no exception.

Of course this only a theory, but we will keep tracking it!

If you see or hear of emergency plumbers and blocked drain specialists acting and  looking a little weird around the full moon………….let me know!